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Video Editor, Writer, and Owner of the Largest Wario Collection

Topher is the acting force behind Nobody Special's parody prowess. Having a theater background from a young age, he's brought his love of story and animation to our channel and fans.  


Seamstress, Replicator, and the biggest Peter Pan nerd

Chloe has a love for costuming that goes back decades. Creating nearly every costume piece and prop she wears, she's always striving for the best craftsmanship while sharing her methods through work logs and time lapse videos. 


Seamstress, wig stylist extraordinare, Stitch collector

Alyssa has a love of animation that splits between digital art and cosplay. Teaching herself how to style wigs, there are few that she can't tackle in an afternoon. 

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We absolutely love meeting new people and collaborating on new projects. 

Things Nobody Special Brings to the Table:

- Panel hosting

- Costume and Performance Judging

- Meet and Greets

- Photo Ops

- Attending the event in costume

- Collaborating on video projects

- Collaborating on costume projects 

- Animation for videos

- Voice Over Work

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